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Max Middleton - Two Cranes

Max Middleton - Two Cranes - 2013

Two Cranes is an intriguing musical voyage combining classical nuances with Max Middleton's inimitable Rhodes keyboard style. Chill-out vibes, driving rhythms and cinematic soundscapes make this his best album to date. The two previous solo albums 'Land of Secrets' and 'One Thousand Sails' drew the following reviews from buyers on CD Baby......

"highly recommended, infusing jazz, Latin and reggae whilst retaining the wonderful Fender Rhodes playing that was the watermark on Jeff Beck's fusion era. Not a moment of disappointment on this album"

"This is music that satisfies on both an intellectual and emotional level. Highly recommended"

"This is an ultra-fine piece of smooth jazz style work with an international flavour. Highly enjoyable rhythms under expert keyboarding along with very subtle vocalisations make this CD the perfect soundtrack for viewing a spectacular summer sunset"

"Finding this after so many years is like stumbling across a buried treasure. It doesn't get any better than this"

Following in the footsteps of two acclaimed albums, Two Cranes adds further dimension and depth to Max Middleton's composing skills and playing style.

01. Two Cranes
02. Bamboo Forest
03. Mountain
04. Absent Friends
05. Water Garden
06. Down Home Girl
07. Nomad
08. Sendai
09. Hush Little Fin

Max Middleton - Keyboards, Piano
Martin Ditcham - Drums, Vocals
Kuma Harada - Bass
Robert Ahwai - Guitar
Maiuko, Richard Bundy - Vocals


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Javanes disse...

Caro OGS, vc sabe se o Melofilia e Discofilos Anonimos já tem um novo blog?

Only Good Song disse...

Recebi um email aqui. Vamos seguindo.

Only Good Song disse...

Os links do Melofilia e Discofilos estão atualizados.

Javanes disse...

Beleza, meu velho... Já atualizei também.
Abraços e obrigado

E Um Feliz Natal!

sfdoomed disse...

It's so refreshing to hear a modern jazz cd that I actually like as much as the classics. Thank you for sharing this (and all of the other great music posted on this blog).

Only Good Song disse...


enjoy and take too another album that is posted on the blog

geoffc disse...

"Two Cranes" sits beside "One Thousand Sails" as 2 of my favourite jazz/instrumental cd's.... Thank you :)