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District 97​-​ Live at CalProg

District 97​ - ​Live at CalProg - 2010

From Prog-Sphere
This is the first live album by US band District 97, you may say it is a bit early because they have only released one studio album, and having on par one live is not something that we can see every day. This is a performance in the Cal Prog Festival which was completely recorded and released, and now enjoyed by District 97 newcomers and future fans.

What this live show features is a set of seven songs, including their long 27-minute epic Mindscan, so this is an ambitious live introduction which in my opinion works as a revulsive for the band, because in this high-quality performance we appreciate that they are not only good on studio.

The first track here is the single “I Can’t Take You With Me”, with symphonic keyboards, nice harmonies, cool drums and nice female vocals. This may be their introductory piece, but not their best.

“Termites” has a heavier sound, which does not really mean the music goes towards prog metal, not at all. When keyboards appear they really help, putting even more power to the music, which in addition with the vocals make a strong, heavy and good track. I also like the short changes and the backing male vocals. The final two minutes are crazy, with a weird but cool guitar solo.


01. I Can’t Take You With Me
02. Termites
03. Who Cares
04. The Back and Forth
05. Presto Vivace/Back in NYC
06. Mindscan
07. Open Your Eyes

Leslie Hunt – Vocals, Tambourine
Jim Tashjian – Guitar, Backing vocals
Rob Clearfield – keyboards, Additional Guitar
Patrick Mulcahy – Bass
Jonathan Schang – Drums


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