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Henry Mccullough - Unfinished Business

 Henry Mccullough - Unfinished Business - 2002

from Henry's site
The career of Henry McCullough cuts through just about every conceivable facet of rock music, and touches upon some of its most glorious moments.

Growing up in the seaside resort of Portstewart, Henry's first musical venture was as guitarist with Irish showband The Skyrockets and the years to follow found him doing the dance hall circuit with similar outfits, including the popular Gene and the Gents.

When the blues boom hit Ireland, Henry became involved with the rougher side of music through the outfit that were to become Eire Apparent. Managed for a time by Chas Chandler, Eire Apparent were one of the many bands to take part in package tours of Britain, alongside groups like The Move, Pink Floyd, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Amen Corner... After an untimely exit from the band, Henry nailed down some of the finest mix of traditional and rock with his work as part of the legendary Sweeney's Men. It is said that this line-up more or less invented the concept of Folk-Rock.

He then drifted to London where he became steeped in the blues scene, rubbing shoulders with some of the greats of the genre who were just coming to the attention of the British revivalists. An encounter with a young Sheffield singer led to a job and Henry's first brush with the realIy big time - as part of Joe Cocker's Grease Band. Tours and albums followed quickly, including an appearance at Woodstock and a lengthy period of work in the States.

Breaking with Cocker, Henry and The Grease Band continued to mune a gritty blues vein that made them a live favourite that has rarely been equalled. He found himself auditioning for a gig with ex-Beatle Paul McCartney. Henry, along with Denny Seiwell, Denny Laine and Linda McCartney were the first - and many say best incarnation of Wings. He embellished the single 'My Love' with a graceful solo that is one of the all-time guitar gems and shows once and for all the expressive power of the instrument.


Henry Mccullough -  Vocals, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Keyboards, Piano, Background Vocals
Percy Robinson - Pedal Steel Guitar
Davy Brown -  Acoustic Guitar
Sean McCarron - Saxophone
John McHugh - Accordion
Dono Ada - Guitars, Slide Guitar, Vocals
Roe Butcher - Bass, Background Vocals
James Delaney - Piano, Keyboards
Stephen Quinn, Brian Moffatt - Drums
Noel Bridgeman - Percussion, Background Vocals

01. Last Of The Bluemen
02. Josie's In The Garden
03. Kuschty Rye
04. Belfast To Boston
05. I Couldn't Sleep For Thinking of Hank Williams
06. Ould Piece Of Wood
07. Big Barn Bed
08. Peacock's Waltz
09. Hollis Brown
10. I'd Rather Die Young
11. Let the Four Winds Blow
12. Drunken Nights In The City
13. Tumble Dry
14. Failed Christian


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