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Peter Wolf - A Cure For Loneliness

Peter Wolf - A Cure For Loneliness  - 2016

With over ten solo albums, Peter Wolf's music remains rooted in American music traditions -- rock, blues, R&B, country. That said, he delivers them with more complexity and nuance than in his role as frontman for the J. Geils Band.

A Cure for Loneliness reassembles members of his longtime backing band the Midnight Travelers: guitarists Duke Levine and Kevin Barry, and bassist Marty Ballou -- augmented by drummer Shawn Pelton and keyboardist and co-producer Kenny White. Larry Campbell, Teresa Williams, and others appear in supporting roles. Wolf wrote or co-wrote all but three songs here. The material builds on the foundation laid on 2010's Midnight Souvenirs. The songs are more often than not sad, but they're never downers. Wolf's protagonists don't ask for pity or empathy. This is borne out in the covers too: Moe Bandy's honky tonk waltz "It Was Always So Easy (To Find an Unhappy Woman)" and the 1959 doo wop hit "Tragedy".

01. Rolling On
02. It Was Always So Easy (To Find An Unhappy Woman)
03. Peace Of Mind
04. How Do You Know
05. Fun For Awhile
06. Wastin' Time (Live)
07. Some Other Time, Some Other Place
08. It's Raining
09. Love Stinks (Live)
10. Mr. Mistake
11. Tragedy
12. Stranger

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