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The New Sell Out - Futureman Records (repost)

The New Sell Out - Futureman Records - 2012

This legendary album is a cover of The Who Sell Out by power pop artists, including The Andersons, Splitsville, The Shazam, Brendon Benson, and The Grip Weeds to just name a few. Put together 12 years ago and gathering cobwebs ever since, The New Sell Out is finally out! Dedicated to Rick McBrien, the soul of Futureman.

01. Armenia City In The Sky - Paranoid Lovesick
02. Heinz Baked Beans - The Andersons 
03. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hands - The Phenomenal Cats 
04. Odorono- The Atomic Numbers 
05. Tattoo - The Jigsaw Seen 
06. Our Love Was - Splitsville 
07. I Can See For Miles - The Shazam 
08. I Can't Reach You - Chris von Sneidern09. Medac - Brendan Benson
10. Relax - Cloud Eleven
11. Silas Stingy - Zumpano12. Sunrise - Willie Wisely
13. Rael - Myracle Brah
14 Commercial Break 
15. Glittering Girl - The Flashing Lights16. Commercial Break
17. Melancholia - The Grip Weeds18. Commercial Break
19. Jaguar - Jim Babjak's Buzzed Meg20. Commercial Break
21. Someone's Coming - The Pearlfishers22. Commercial Break
23. Early Morning, Cold Taxi - SWAG24. Commercial Break
25. Glow Girl - The Vandalias
26. Bonus Track: Doctor, Doctor – Brendan Benson


2 comentários :

John disse...

Being a Who fan from before Keith died, and always critical when it comes to Who covers, I was surprised to find myself loving this GREAT tribute album!

You can get this in FLAC, mp3 or other formats (and download as many formats as you want) at bandcamp.com for $7. And thanks for your post... otherwise this would have remained under my radar.

robgronotte disse...

Thanks for the repost!