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Archie Brown - Elysian Fields

Archie Brown - Elysian Fields - 2015

The band is formed in Newcastle by Pat Rafferty and Tony Wadsworth. First gig is the University Fine Art Dept Xmas Party. Still without a name, inspiration comes from Bogart's “Key Largo” - “I’m looking for a couple of young bucks in fancy shirts who busted out of prison”.

Band is instantly popular. John Glynn moves to London and joins proto punks ‘X Ray Spex’. His replacement is Archie Brown, sax player and songwriter with local band ‘Pylon’. Band starts playing Monday nights at the “Cooperage” which is sold out for the next two years. Summer ’77 Tim Wilder is replaced by Seb Shelton.


01. 1983

02. The Islands
03. Elysian Fields
04. Last Train for Toledo
05. The Strong and Silent Kind
06. Bad Things Happen
07. Holy Night
08. Regardless
09. The Journey
10. Kate Barlowe
11. Miles from Home
12. Temptation


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