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Nathan Asher & the Infantry - Sex Without Love

Nathan Asher & the Infantry - Sex Without Love - 2005

“Smart Music for Idiots” This quote about Nathan Asher and the Infantry, from Michigan’s Clarkstown News, captures a defining quality of the band’s music. Nathan Asher & the Infantry have something new and challenging to say, and they say it in a way that makes people want to listen. 

The Infantry’s sound combines a distinct, modernized version of Dylan and Springsteen’s earliest full band work with anthemic rock-n-roll, reminiscent of U2, early REM, and The Clash. Asher’s lyrics punch through the music, bridging the gap between the lyrical dexterity of hip-hop and the melodic and emotional subtlety of traditional songwriting. 

The six young men from Raleigh, NC have created a new sound that is both folk influenced and ultra-modern. The songs are driven by interwoven organ, piano, guitar and harmonica lines. A fiercely ragged but controlled stage show has emerged from these six long time friends and studio-quality musicians who repeatedly push the envelope to create meaningful music that is greater than the sum of its parts.

01. Leave the South
02. Drift Away
03. Sex Without Love / a War
04. Storms
05. You Cannot Quit Smoking
06. Skipping Stones
07. So Long, So Short
08. No More Colleges
09. Thursday Night / Friday Morning


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