domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2015

Stackridge - Sex & Flags

Stackridge -  Sex & Flags - 2005
Stackridge are a West Country based group who were at the height of their success, such as it was, during the 1970s. Characterised by quirky humour and rhythmic, catchy, singalong tunes, the band gained a cult following which continues to this day.

Sex and Flags is a compilation of songs and was released in the U.K. by Angel Air.    

01. It's A Fascinating World
02. The Final Bow
03. Someday They'll Find Out
04. Big Baby
05. Charles Loius Dance
06. Wonderful Day
07. Bread And Water
08. Sliding Down The Razor Blade Of Love
09. Dirty Little Nightingale
10. Something About The Beatles
11. Wildebeeste
12. Grroving Along On The Highway On A Monday Morning Once
13. First Name Of Love
14. Beating A Path
15. It Must Be Time For Bed


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