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Ron Flynt And The Blue Hearts - Big Blue Heart

Ron Flynt And The Blue Hearts - Big Blue Heart - 2000

from austinchronicle

There's a problem at the heart of this album -- literally. See, "Picasso II" aka "Picasso's Big Blue Heart" is a truly majestic pop song, one that was perfectly executed on 1998's Interstate 20/20 album by Flynt and his longtime band 20/20. Because that album received no promotion and was heard by almost no one, Flynt decided to drag it back out one more time. Thus, unfortunately, if you have heard the original, Big Blue Heart already has one strike against it. Still, Flynt remains at the top of his game, and this album, which features the other members of 20/20 and other quite respectable guests like the Tractors' Steve Ripley and the Faces' Ian McLagan, includes its share of fine songs as well: from the Faces-like "King of the Deep Blue Sea" to the Tom Petty-ish "I See Blue." It's not a matter of Flynt's latest being without a heart, it's just that his last disc had a better one

01. King Of The Deep Blue Sea
02. Holding On
03. I See Blue
04. Northern Town
05. River Road
06. True Love
07. Following The Bomb Squad
08. Sideways Into The Night
09. Picasso II
10. Trying To Get To You
11. Darkness
12. Go To The Windows For Keene
13. Intermission


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