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Jackie Greene - The Dig Years 2001-2005

 Jackie Greene - The Dig Years 2001-2005 - 2007

Jackie Greene was a tender 21 years old when he cut GONE WANDERIN', his debut for Dig Music. On that album, and on his subsequent two releases on Dig, Greene established himself as one of the more notable roots-oriented singer-songwriters on the scene, with a sensitivity and skill that belied his age. The Dylan comparisons came quickly, but Greene has his own voice, a light touch, and a particular blend of folk, country, roots rock, and blues. DIG YEARS 2001-2005 takes a thorough, satisfying look at Greene's Dig output, and provides a fine sampler of his promising early work.

01. Gone Wanderin'
02. Travelin' Song
03. Georgia
04. Tell Me Mama, Tell Me Right
05. Sweet Somewhere Bound (Live)
06. Gypsy Rose
07. Mexican Girl
08. Love Me Just A Little, I'm Down Here On My Knees
09. The Ballad Of Sleepy John
10. By The Side Of The Road, Dressed To Kill
11. Talkin' Midtown Women
12. The Red And The Rose
13. The Rusty Nail
14. Gettin' By
15. I've Come Undone
16. Falling Back
17. Down In The Valley Woe
18. Worn Out Welcome


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