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Ian Hunter And The Rant Band - Live In The UK 2010

Ian Hunter And The Rant Band - Live In The UK 2010 - 2014

In 2010 Ian Hunter and The Rant Band embarked upon an UK tour, accompanied by a string quartet.

The shows were recorded professionally using a 32 track mobile, and the songs are completely live with no overdubs or fixes. The finished CD was mixed and mastered by Peter Moshay (Shrunken Heads, Man Overboard and When I’m President). The track listing mixes fan favourites from the Mott era – Seadiver, Waterlow, All The Young Dudes – with songs from throughout Ian’s solo career – Irene Wilde, Michael Picasso, Wash Us Away, Flowers.

Ian has decided to release these recordings himself, eschewing the traditional record company process. Both he and Trudi have been involved in every aspect of putting this CD together, from track and running order selection, through to artwork and mixing / mastering.

01. Sea Diver
02. Arms & Legs
03. Big Mouth (Words)
04. The Great Escape
05. Ships
06. Irene Wilde
07. Flowers
08. Soul of America
09. Man Over Board
10. Waterflow
11. Michael Picasso
12. Wash Us Away
13. 23A Swan Hill
14. Sweet Jane
15. All the Young Dudes


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Anônimo disse...

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Only Good Song disse...

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Harvey Dog disse...

Thank you! I can hardly wait to hear this one! I had no problem at all downloading. John

Only Good Song disse...

You Welcome, John
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