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Sassafras - Sassafras and Friends - Magic Happens

Sassafras - Sassafras and Friends - Magic Happens - 1996

Sassafras (Gary G. Bogstad) hails from Philadelphia which provided a richly diverse cultural background reflected in his music. Sassafras grew up among musicians who influenced his style. His mother was a singer,
his uncle played Ragtime piano, and his grandfather was a band leader in the 1930's.

With a strong musical background Sassafras began playing guitar at the age of thirteen. Within a year the young musician began to compose songs that mirrored the events in his life. At fourteen the budding singer -songwriter began to perform at talent shows in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia. It was during this period Sassafras learned to expand the breadth and width of his music with the addition of piano; all the while emulating the period styles learned through his family's influence.

In 1966 Sassafras' family moved to California. The mid 60's music scene had a profoundly positive affect on his musical style. In the thirty years hence, Sassafras has refined and redefined his music many times over. The culmination of the self made artist's work was the release of his first CD at a concert held in Temecula, California on July 20, 1996. Recorded at Archer Studios in Temecula, the CD was aptly titled.

Sassafras and Friends was the result of a lot of hard work by the artist and his friends who helped in the production of the CD. Sassafras and Friends has been well received from San Diego to the Inland Empire, and is garnering ever increasing popularity with the album's mix of blues, rock and roll, and ballads. He has gained a unique reputation among his fans at local venues for producing lyrics on the fly. Live performances are followed closely for a chance to experience his split-second song writing talent.

01. Everybody
02. Sincere
03. Closer
04. Baby Bye Bye
05. Do Me
06. Alright
07. Sleeping With the Blues
08. Angelica
09. Hotel Song


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