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Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams - Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams - Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams - 2015

You've probably been been wondering where the bloody hell this disc was for  years -- it was perfectly obvious it was going to be made. But when? Then into your hands comes this stunning, visually beautiful disc. Not the disc itself, but the artwork surrounding it. There are three photographs of the couple and -- damn it I hate saying this -- you can feel the love between them; it is that strong in the photos. 

For years, Larry Campbell was the band leader for Levon Helm's band both at the Midnight Rambles and when they went on the road, in whatever form. In addition, there are his eight years of work with Bob Dylan’s Never Ending Tour, which Rolling Stone called the greatest period of that tour. With both bands, he has been given great credit for bringing a driving energy to the band every night.

He and Teresa Williams have been married for decades and the total of albums for either or both of them, according to The All Music Guide is a great big zero. As talented as they are, this is criminal considering the glut of unadulterated crap that comes and passes  for albums. Williams has a voice that will make you sit up and notice, make the hair on the back of your neck or arms stand straight up. 

One night, we were in Nashville on a working vacation and it was the morning after the end of a long day, or maybe it was still the night. We wandered into a relatively quiet crowd and then this woman started singing. It got so quiet, you could almost hear the roaches stop what they were doing and pay attention. It was one of those rare moments when you just surrender your attention to what she can do with a song. The feeling and intonation she possesses doesn’t just bring the song to life, it snaps you into the song. She has a voice that raises so much emotion. Listen to the beauty and emotion Williams puts into the Reverend Gary Davis’, “Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning.” It might be enough to take you back to that time.  


01. Surrender to Love
02. Bad Luck Charm
03. Another One More Time
04. Down on My Knees
05. You're Running Wild
06. Everybody Loves You
07. Did You Love Me at All
08. Ain't Nobody for Me
09. Midnight Highway
10. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning
11. Attics of My Life


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