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Loz Netto - Replay

Loz Netto - Replay - 2009

By Grahame Rhodes, from bluesinthenorthwest.com

Here’s the latest album from the Brighton-based singer/guitarist Loz Netto, very much a ‘do-it-yourself’ release – with him playing all instruments, bar drums, as well as the production, engineering, mix and sleeve design! After a string of pop and soul-flavoured releases, “Replay” has a more bluesy feel to it.

Loz Netto held the guitar post in British bands such as Sniff ‘n’ The Tears, who dented the singles chart with “Driver’s Seat”, which was once in my vinyl collection, and the soulful Moon, who were fronted by the excellent vocals of Noel McCalla. He actually turned pro at just 17 and toured with soul great, Ben E King.

The 12 tracks here are all in a similar vein – a laid-back stew of blues, funk and soul – if you think a mix of Chris Rea, JJ Cale, Little Feat, Hall & Oates – you are in the territory Loz Netto covers – with his smooth at times, gritty on others, vocals and slide guitar probably recalling classic Chris Rea most.

The opening “Crossroads” is a benchmark for what follows – a smooth bluesy groove with his slide guitar work shadowing his vocal, with him also on keyboards and drums by Luke Netto – keeping it in the family! “Keep Running” has more of a funk edge to it, with “What’s Going On” being deep in soul territory.


01. What's Going On
02. Keep Running
03. Crossroads

04. Waiting For You
05. I'm Serious
06. Big Ole Moon
07. Fire
08. From A to B
09. Cruel Streak
10. What U Dun
11. Warm Rain
12. Slide of Hand


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