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Third World - AIYE-KETA (re-re-post)

Third World - AIYE-KETA (Steve Winwood, Remi Kabaka, Abdul Amao)  - 1973

In 1973, while Winwood was on hiatus from Traffic due to illness, he took part in a reggae trio called The Third World. It was a one-off project, not to be confused with the better-known, long-running reggae band of the same name. His two collaborators were African musicians Remi Kabaka (who had played with Winwood in Ginger Baker's Air Force) and Abdul Lasisi Amao (a founding member of the African worldbeat group Osibisa).

Their one and only album Aiye-Keta was produced by Winwood, who also played keyboards, lead guitar, and moog synthesizer. The lead vocals were done by Kabaka (who wrote all of the songs), but the album is mostly instrumental. The reggae sound is relatively spare, while Winwood's spacey keyboards add a fairly predictable Traffic-like flavor. Aiye-Keta is listenable but unsurprising. "Irin-Ajo" is the high point. Note: some later printings of the album gave artist billing to the three members instead of to Third World, possibly to avoid confusion with that other band.

01. Happy Vibes
02. Irin-Ajo
03. Black Beauty
04. Afro Super
05. Shango

Steve Winwood - Lead guitar, Percussion, Moog, Vocals
Abdul Lasisi Amao (Osibisa) - Sax, Flute, Congas, Percussion, Vocals
Remi Kabaka (Ginger Baker’s Airforce), Lead Vocals, Piano, Drums, Congas, African Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Moog Drum


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ciao; please repost this album, thanks :) link is dead

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Hi; please repost this album :) thanks

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this album is a jewel...

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I think Winwood has been one of the most important and influent musicians of the 70's in absolute. A genius, a person able to speak so many music languages...thanks, Steve, and thanks to the author of this fantastic blog

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This is an excellent album all round, open your ears... stop looking for what you expect

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