domingo, 18 de julho de 2010

The Wheat Pool - Township

The Wheat Pool - Township - 2007

The Wheat Pool é uma banda canadense que faz um som com um tempero que engloba o bom pop, rock e folk. Township é seu album de estreia, lançado em 16/09/2007. Conheça mais da banda em

01. Preamble
02. Geographic Centre of Canada

03. Evergreen
04. Between You and Me
05. Peniel, SK
06. Neil Young
07. Emily Carr
08. FBD
09. Trace of You
10. Whyte Avenue
11. Phonebook

Robb Angus - Lead vocals, Guitars, Bass
Mike Angus - Lead vocals, Bass, Guitars
Glen Erickson - Lead guitar, Vocals
Steph Dagenais - Drums


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KDNYfm disse...

Wow! So Happy to see this posted! I bought this CD based on the song Geographic Centre of Canada when I heard it on local public radio shortly after it was released. It was at the top of my playlist for a year and a half. I have shared it with both my brothers and several friends. The biggest problem I have is every time the band has been playing anywhere locally, I've had other plans and still havent seen them. All good tunes, and great lyrics.
Thans OGS!

Only Good Song disse...

My friend,

This post is also with the dead link and I have not thought about repost it because the guys who frequent the blog did not receive him well

I do not know whether they (the band) are still active.

Need to do a search

Thanks again for yor visit