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Great Caesar's Ghost (With G.E. Smith) - Live At Berkner Hall

Great Caesar's Ghost (With G.E. Smith) - Live At Berkner Hall - 2005

Great Caesar's Ghost is a band of of seven accomplished musicians that give their interpretation of great american music. Much like jazz and classical musicians, they strive to re-read the great compositions of decades past. Included in their repertoire are selections from the blues and rock oriented music of the late sixties and early seventies era. This includes The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, many of the Blues Masters, and more. GCG's sound is generated by four guitars, bass, a Hammond B-3, congas, timbales, and dual drum kits, which capture the true spirit of the music that they play. For those who like jam oriented blues/rock, or simply good time party music, Great Caesar's Ghost will not dissapoint.

01. Hot Lanta
02. Mr. Charlie
03. Franklin's Tower
04. Done Somebody Wrong
05. Whipping Post
06. Me And My Uncle
07. Dreams
08. Turn On Your Lovelight
09. Not Fade Away


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Gus disse...

Buen disco !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only Good Song disse...


Gus disse...

Se podra encontrar algun Dvd de este concierto ?????????????

Only Good Song disse...

I do'nt know