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G.E. Smith - Incense, Herbs & Oils


G.E. Smith - Incense, Herbs & Oils - 1998

Smith is at his usual high standard on guitar as well as dabbling in lap steel, mandolin and keyboards. There's a good mix of bluesy roots rockers and slower numbers that touch at times on country blues, at others on traditional folk songs. In the former category is an instrumental called "The Chopper" with a Bo Diddley-like riff. It's good to hear Jerry Reed's swamp mythology "Amos Moses" again. "Sunday" closes the Smith-produced album with G.E.'s wife Taylor Barton wrapping her beguiling voice around a lazy melody as Smith shares pithy observations about life. Pianist Cheryl Hardwick and bassist Paul Ossola join their former "Saturday Night Live" bandmate and music director on his album. It deserves the widespread distribution it will hopefully get on the "Green Mirror" label that Smith and Barton run.

01. Trouble In The Woods
02. Amos Moses
03. Dusty Streets Of Cairo
04. Standing By The Bedside Of A Neighbor
05. Tonight We Shake
06. The CooCoo
07. The Chopper
08. Heroin
09. For The Feint Of Heart
10. Down The Dirty Road
11. Sunday


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