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Jay Ferguson - Thunder Island

Jay Ferguson - Thunder Island - 1978

Previously the singer for rock bands Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne, Ferguson had gone the pop route by the time of his second solo album. Recorded in Miami with Joe Walsh guesting on many tracks, he hit a home run with the title track mega-hit. A sun-drenched summer anthem, it would be the biggest song of Ferguson's career and later turn up on '70s compilations. The rest of the album was similar in mood and feel: largely up-tempo late-'70s rock/pop. Most tracks are graced with Walsh's guitar, which keep the songs from falling too largely on the pop side of things. Though not a perfect album, it was less uneven than most of Ferguson's other solo efforts, though it definitely sounds a product of its time. Which can be good or bad, depending on your taste in music. 

01. Thunder Island
02. Soulin'
03. Happy Birthday Baby
04. Losing Control
05. Cozumel
06. Night Shift
07. Babylon
08. Love Is cold
09. Happy Too!
10. Magic Moment

Jay Ferguson - Vocals, Keyboards
Joey Murcia, Tony Battaglia - Guitar
Harold Cowart - Bass
Stan Kipper - Drums


Joe Walsh - Guitar
Bob Webb - Guitar
Ed Brown - Bas
Bill Szymczyk - Percussion


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