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Dell Richardson - Pieces Of A Jigsaw

Dell Richardson - Pieces Of A Jigsaw - 1972

The acclaimed multi-instrumentalist first found fame in the African-rhythm rock band Osibisa. His involvement in with the group from 1969-1973 helped catapult Osibisa to the upper reaches of the UK album charts. Sales of Osibisa (’71), Woyaya (‘71), and Heads (‘72) reflected a slow but steady migration of audiences moving towards acceptance of their unusual blend of jazz and rock amid African beats. Dell briefly left Osibisa in 1973 to tour with UK favorites Free in a trek across the US. He recorded his first solo  for MCA in 1972  and then returned to Osibisa in 1975.

01. Do What You Can
02. Gypsy Girl
03. Jig-saw
04. Kodjo
05. Road Song
06. Good Morning World
07. Mama Jane
08. A Song For Two

Del Richardson - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Alan Spenner - Bass
Chilli Charles - Drums
Jean Roussel - Keyboards
Roger Ball, Malcolm Duncan - Horn
Remi Kabaka - Percussion
Rosetta Hightower, Donny Perkins - Vocals


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Unknown disse...

Lindo disco! Abraço.

Only Good Song disse...

Típico da época em que foi gravado, até os timbres dos teclados.

A capa, foi feita pelo Roger Dean, que tb fazia as do Osibisa e ficou famoso fazendo as dos discos do YES.
No próximo fds eu vou colocar um outro dele, recente, com um som mais "moderno". Não tão bom, mas não tão ruim.

[]s e obrigado pela presença

Anônimo disse...

Thnx!Looking for this about 15 years!It would be nice if you have album from bandmate Spartacus R which is also very rare.
thnx from sto54

Only Good Song disse...


Only "Africa I See", with 7 tracks.

Anônimo disse...

It Will be good if you post Spartacus R - Africa I See because this is his only regular album from 70's.Thnx once again for quick response


Norm disse...

Hi. Can you re-up this on something besides pi please? I have tried all weekend and it does not work. I have used it before, so I know how it is supposed to work. Thanks for all you do!!!

Only Good Song disse...


Weird ... here it works well
No problem, choose one's that best for you here


And enjoy!