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Sal Valentino - Every Now And Then

Sal Valentino - Every Now And Then - 2008
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Sal Valentino is truly a living legend. Famed lead singer of The Beau Brummels and manic front man for the 70's psychedelic-funk-rock-full-stage-extravaganza, Stoneground, Sal continues to share his gift with the world. Every Now And The features Sal doing what he does best, interpreting songs and stories that can only be delivered (by what has been referred to by rock historians, as) 'the most underrated voice in Rock and Roll history'. As a nod to the past, Valentino covers The Beau Brummels biggest hit Laugh, Laugh evoking memories of the innocence of early 60's rock and roll without the slightest bit of regret that time has moved on. Every Now And Then is a musical road map of life featuring heart-wrenching songs like Jackie Greene's title tune, to the jangly rock guitar-drenched What The World Needs to the bouncy duet with Chris Webster, Just Like You. Every Now And Then is a new piece of history, a road map of the long and twisted back-roads of rock that lead us to today. 

01. Tell Me What The World Needs
02. Just Like You
03. Every Now And Then
04. Laugh, Laugh
05. Kiss Away
06. You
07. I Love You, I Do
08. Sign Of Love
09. Angel Come Home
10. Every Blue Day

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