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Black Merda - Force Of Nature

Black Merda - Force Of Nature - 2009

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Black Merda (pronounced Black Murder), the first all black rock band to write and play their own music in the late 1960s and early 1970s are considered to be Black Rock pioneers as well as the originators of their own style of Black Psychedelic Rock.

They releasead two albums in the 1970's Black Merda (Chess 1970) and Long Burn The Fire (GRT 1972) which weren't properly promoted when first released, but are now seen as Black Rock classics by a growing number of international music fans. Their 2005 release The Folks From Mother's Mixer (Funky Delicacies 2005) contained both of their 1970 releases and is lauded as the most creative, lyrically and musically diverse albums of the genre.

Now Black Merda is back with a new batch of songs and they're funkier and as musically diverse as ever! From Charles' topical anthem "Stop the War" to Wolfe's autobiographical musical tale "Miss Hawkins' House" to VC's critically philosophical "Get On The Same Road," they're still socially conscious, personal, moody and filled with perspective, often all at the same time.

Aided by the able-bodied drumming of Terry 'Thunder' Hughley, Kenny Tudrick and Bobby Smith, as well as the keyboard talents of Robert Jones, Black Merda have managed to add an album as individualistic and potent as the pair that made them underground legends the first time around over thirty years ago!

01. Can't Get Enough of the Funk
02. Let Go
03. Maintain
04. Stop the War
05. 18 for 20 year
06. Miss Hawkins' House
07. My Inspiration
08. The Solution
09. Take a Little Time
10. I'm Not Coming Back
11. Get On The Same Road

12. Beautiful Thing

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