quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2011

Leon Russell - Almost Piano

Leon Russell - Almost Piano - 2008

By Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Allmusic
Almost Piano = MIDI synthesizers, at least in this collection of ten instrumentals from Leon Russell. One of many self-recorded and self-released albums Russell kicked out in the new millennium, this sequenced and sprightly offering clearly betrays its origins as a computerized creation. As careful as the production sounds, the compositions often seem as if Russell just set up and started playing, giving the tracks their titles afterward. Still, Russell remains a fluid, engaging player, and devoted Leon Russell fans might enjoy putting this on as background music.

01. Ixtland
02. Piano Polka
03. Friendly Fire
04. Whitewater Blues
05. Harpo's Dream
06. Kiss My Eyes
07. Girl I Once Knew, A
08. Blind Lemon Cream
09. Big Easy
10. Reba Lights