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Roger Daltrey - Tower Theatre (repost)

Roger Daltrey - Tower Theatre - Philadelphia - 05/dez/1985

Lead vocalist Roger Daltrey from The Who took a chance on a rare solo tour, from which this King Biscuit Flower Hour recording is derived. Daltrey had grown tired of Pete Townshend taking his time to resurrect The Who, and as a result, in 1985 Daltrey decided he would take his own project on the road.

The results are mixed. Although Daltrey had many excellent solo hits such as "Giving It All Away" (mostly written by ex-Argent guitarist, Russ Ballard), the majority of his material here is from 1985's Under a Raging Moon, which was the solo album Daltrey wrote in memory of the late Keith Moon.

Roger Daltrey - Vocals
Clem Clempson - Guitars
Mark Williamson - Keyboards
John Siegler - Bass
Dennis Elliott - Drums
Alan Shacklock - Keyboards
Russ Ballard - Guest on "Your Time Is Gonna Come" and "Voices" -  Guitar, Lead Vocals

01. Intro
02. Martyrs and Madmen
03. Band Chatter
04. Don't Talk To Strangers
05. Band Chatter
06. Breaking Down Paradise
07. Move Better In the Night
08. Band Chatter
09. Substitute
10. Band Introduction
11. Your Time Is Gonna Come
12. The Pride You Hide
13. Behind Blue Eyes
14. 5:15

15. Band Chatter
16. Let Me Down Easy
17. Rebel
18. Band Chatter
19. Voices
20. Giving It All Away
21. Won't Get Fooled Again
22. After the Fire
23. Under A Raging Moon
24. Crowd / Band Chatter
25. Free Me
26. Summertime Blues
27. C'mon Everybody


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