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Terry & The Pirates - Rockpalast West Coast Legends (repost)

Terry & The Pirates - Rockpalast West Coast Legends Vol. 5 - 2009 (DVDA) 

It's going on twenty eight years since Terry & The Pirates went on their whirlwind seventy two hour tour of Europe to play three gigs. Since that time both John Cipollina and Nicky Hopkins have passed away, and over the ensuing years with all of the hard rocking and partying that has  transpired and considering just the passage of time alone, it may have left some the band's memories a little hazy. I know if John was still around he'd probably be able to write a book about it, but since he's not we'll try to tell you the story as best we can.

The cold weather conditions of going to Germany in the dead of winter is not the most perfect setting for a bunch of musicians who were accustomed to the bright sunshine and idyllic hills of picturesque Marin County in Northern California; but when you live to play the music that you love, you really don't have any choice, but to go and follow your muse.

Bill Belmont from Rag Baby Records helped set things up for Terry. It was December of 1982 when Terry & The Pirates embarked on what is now jokingly referred to by the band as the "Torture Tour" and for good reason - it was grueling.

This tour was going to be a little strange because their guitarist Greg Douglass had prior tour commitments with the Greg Kihn Band and would be unable to be a part of it, so Terry Dolan, John Cipollina, David Hayes, Greg Elmore and Nicky Hopkins would have to go on without him.

The night before they were to leave for Germany their wives and girlfriends made sure to "keep the boys busy" until the wee wee hours to help ensure that they would behave themselves while on tour. No one is talking as to whether this tactic worked or not and maybe that's a good thing, but the general consensus was if they weren't traveling, getting a quick bite to eat, doing a sound check or playing a gig, they were trying to get a little shut eye in between.


Terry Dolan - Vocals, Guitar
John Cipollina - Guitar
Nick Hopkins - Piano
David Hayes - Bass
Greg Elmore - Drums

01.  Rising Of The Moon                       
02.  Inside And Out                           
03.  Something To Lose                        
04.  Genoa                                      
05.  Montana Eyes                             
06.  The Train Kept A' Rolling                
07.  Silverado Trail                           
08.  Cobra                                    
09.  Inlaws And Outlaws                       
10.  Writing You A Letter                     
11.  I Put A Spell On You                     
12.  Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder             
13.  Rainbow                                 
14.  River                                    
15.  I Ain't Livin' Long Like This            
16.  Into The Wind                            
17.  Don't Do It                              
18.  Gun Metal Blues      


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