sábado, 24 de março de 2012

Tim Bogert - Progressions (repost)

Tim Bogert - Progressions - 1981

01. Hold on to Her
02. Try to See It My Way
03. Make No Mistake
04. Love Is Ready
05. Friend of Mine
06. Take It or Leave It
07. Little White Lies
08. Caught in Her Flame
09. Fast Life
10. Blind Love

Tim Bogert - Bass, Vocal
Jay Williams - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Platshon - Drums
Peter Schless - Keyboards
Bill Andersen, Curtis Tilton, Sue Richman & Andrea Robinson - Add Vocals


2 comentários :

KDNYfm disse...

Tim Bogert is a phenomenal bass player, had the pleasure of seeing him with both Cactus and BB&A. And personally I thought this was a very good album.
thanx for sharing! And the use of FileFlyer!
Keep up the great work!!

Only Good Song disse...

This is one of the best records that I have put on the blog, my friend.
Enjoy and catches also the BREW MASTER