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Harvey Mandel - Get Off In Chicago (repost)

Harvey Mandel - Get Off In Chicago - 1972


Harvey Mandel got 16 Chicago musicians together between gigs - whenever they could. They jammed, improvised, laid down vocals, and had a good time. They created this album of blues, jazz and rock in just three nights.

01. Jellyroll
02. High-Test Fish Line
03. Local Days     
04. Check Me Out
05. Highway Blues
06. I'm A Lonely Man
07. Sweet Lynda
08. Springfield Station Theme
09. Race Track Daddy

Harvey Mandel - Guitar
Vicki Hubley, Freddie Fox - Vocals
G.E. Stinson, John Bishop, Norman Wagner - Guitar
Don Cody, Kenneth Little,  Nick Tountas, Craig Rasband - Bass
Phil Johnson, Bob Davis, Rusty Jones, Peter Milio - Drums
Judy Roberts - Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Cooke, Ira Kart - Keyboards


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