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Steve Ellis - The Love Affair is Over (repost)

Steve Ellis - The Love Affair is Over - 1983

from AMG
In 1977, ex-Love Affair singer Ellis recorded an album called The Last Angry Man with producers Tony Meehan and Dave Courtney. When Meehan and Courtney had a dispute, the album was withdrawn, although some cassette copies were issued by Ariola briefly in 1978. This CD marked the first time the album was widely available, with the addition of seven previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded in 1983.

Ellis was in the tradition of British rock/soul/blues belters such as Steve Marriott (his closest vocal counterpart) and Rod Stewart, and there are also traces of Robert Plant and Van Morrison. He was not nearly in the same league as any of those singers, mind you, but he was OK. A couple of name guitarists (Albert Lee and Henry McCulloch) contributed to the sessions on The Last Angry Man, which yielded average though unobjectionable mainstream late-'70s rock with shades of folk-rock, mellow singer/songwriting, blue-eyed soul, and hard rock riffing.

The seven 1983 songs (subtitled as the Basement Days portion of this disc) are again generic 1970s-type British rock, though the material is weaker, and the style by this time not at all in sync with what was either hip or commercial. The most interesting aspects of this archival release, to be honest, are the thorough liner notes, which cover Ellis' entire career dating back to the Love Affair days 

The Last Angry Man

01. Life User
02. Hear Your Woman
03. Hang On Joey
04. Rag And Bone
05. Everlasting Love
06. Blackmail
07. Wind And A Lady
08. Soothe Me
09. Why Do The Good Guys Die
10. The Last Angry Man

Bonus Tracks - Basement Days

11. El Doomo
12. Shark Shoes
13. I Lost My Feelings

14. She's Leaving
15. War Train
16. Hold On
17. Warm Love

Steve Ellis - Vocal
The Starfires - Vocal
Henry McCulloch, Albert Lee , Brian Robertson - Guitar
Brian Odgers - Bass
Barry Morgan, Henry Spinetti - Drums
David Courtney - Piano, Synthesizer
Roger Chapman - Back vocals


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