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Joe Cerisano & Earl Slick's SILVER CONDOR - Live Across America (repost)

Joe Cerisano & Earl Slick's SILVER CONDOR - Live Across America - 2006

From Cerisano´s Site

Silver Condor "Live Across America" was recorded at different venues large and small during the summer of 1981. That was the year that Silver Condor attempted to take flight. In a leased Dodge extended cab van they started in Los Angeles and worked their way across America playing a series of 30 one-nighters ending in Dover NJ. Like a shooting star Silver Condor got lost in the corporate halls of Columbia Records. At that time at Columbia Records, one hand didn’t know what the other one was doing. There are are casualties all along the road to success. With a little luck some bust on through to the other side. It’s said that some of the best music doesn’t make it to the radio. Well, this cd proves that to be a fact.  READ MORE HERE

About Joe Cerisano HERE
About Earl Slick HERE

01. It's Over
02. Angel Eyes
03. Standing in the Rain
04. The One You Need

05. We're in Love
06. You Could Take My Heart Away
07. Carolina
08. Sayin' Goodbye
09. For the Sake of Survival
10. Goin' for Broke
11. Long Tall Sally
12. Rip It Up


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