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Felix Cavalieri - Felix Cavalieri (repost)

Felix Cavalieri - Felix Cavalieri -  1974

01.  A High Price To Pay
02.  I Am A Gambler
03.  I've Got A Solution
04.  Everlasting Love
05.  Summer In El Barrio
06.  Long Times Gone
07.  Future Train
08.  Mountain Man
09.  Funky Friday
10.  It's Been A Long Time
11.  I Am Free

Felix Cavaliere - vocals, piano, organ
Kevin Ellman, Jack Scarangella - drums
Antonio Arana - Conga, Percussion
Todd Rundfren, John Hall, Elliot Randall - Guitar
Hank Di Vito - Steel Guitar
Pablo Rosario - Percussion
Gualberto Peres - Flameco Guitar
John Siegler, Mervin Bronson - Bass
Barrie Rogers - Trombone
Al Rubin , Larry Spencer, Randy Brecker - Trumpets
Jack Jeffers - Baritone Horns
Paul Fleisher - Baritone Sax. Clarinet, Alto
Julien Barber, Stewart Clarke, Al Brown - Viola
W. Allen, Raymond Kunichi, Noel da Costa - Violin
Kermit Moore - Cello
Cissy Houston, Judy Clay, Deidre Truck, Renelle Stafford - Vocals

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KDNYfm disse...

I really like this album...still have all my Felix albums on vinyl, and now thanx to you I can listen to this one again!
I knew I had requested a Re-Up on this, but forgot where I did it...guess I'll have to keep better track in the future!
Thanx OGS!


Only Good Song disse...

I have them all in MP3 and never on vinyl or CD. Some of them are simply brilliant.
I do not know why I did not posted more from his solo career.
Thanks for all your comments, my friend.

Greetings from Brazil.