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John Rabbit - The Wind Cried - The Official Mix (repost)

John Rabbit - The Wind Cried - The Official Mix - 2010

Outro álbum do John Rabbit. Ao contrário do outro disco que postei aqui, este apresenta as músicas tocadas por músicos reais. Bateria, Baixo, Guitarra e Sax não são obras de alguma parafenália eletrônica com 100000 ajustes.

Antes de baixar, dê uma conferida na versão para o clássico do The Who.

01. Fantasy
02. The Sea
03. Gypsy
04. See What the Man Has To Say
05. Ken's Blues - Live in NYC - 2002
06. Outlaw
07. The Wind Cried
08. Chill Before Serving
09. Magician
10. The Chinese Millionaire
11. We Won
12. The Yellow School Bus
13. Behind Blue Eyes
14. We Won (alternate take)
15. The Yellow School Bus (alternate take)

John Rabbit Bundrik - Keyboards
John Rabbit & Simone Ewouds - Vocals
Walter Latupeirissa - Bass
Juan van Emmerloot - Drums
Yvo van Heijningen, Raymond Blahowetz, Geoff Whitehorn, Geoff Webb; Martin Belmont - Guitar
Sax - Jan van Oort 


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Boris disse...

Hi! Maybe you missed my request for John Rabbit Bundrick's The Wind Cried. So I decided to get another try. Please, repost this album.

Only Good Song disse...

Hi Boris

Wait a few days because I traveled and only yesterday "go home" and now have to organize some things at home.

I now read your email. keep calm

If uploaded today I send by email, oK?

Only Good Song disse...


Boris disse...

Thanks again, amigo. It was not a question of rush or something like that - sometimes some misunderstanding occurs and it's better to ask once again (at least I think so).
Happy travels!

Only Good Song disse...

No any problem
Keep Calm and Keep on Rock
I understand what you write. :)

New trips, only at 2014. Thanks God