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Jorma Kaukonen - Magic (repost)

Jorma Kaukonen - Magic  - 1985

From Wikipedia

Magic is a live Jorma Kaukonen album containing performances of acoustic songs from Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna albums recorded during his solo tour of 1984. After a brief reunion tour in 1983 with Hot Tuna, Jorma had continued to play solo and eventually landed a contract with Relix Records. In addition to releasing Kaukonen's new solo recordings, Relix also released live Hot Tuna recordings from the 70s, with the albums Splashdown and Historic Live Tuna. In 1995, Michael Falzarano remastered the album and produced a new version that Relix released as the CD Magic Two.

01. Walkin' Blues
02. Winin' Boy Blues
03. I'll Be Alright (Traditional)
04. Embryonic Journey
05. Candy Man
06. Roads and Roads &
07. Good Shepherd (Traditional)
08. Mann's Fate


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