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Simon Phillips and Jeff Babko - Vantage Point (repost)

Simon Phillips and Jeff Babko - Vantage Point - 2000

By Hilarie Grey from jazztime 
Offering authentic acoustic jazz from a unique Vantage Point are drummer Simon Phillips and pianist Jeff Babko. Phillips, most widely known as the foundation of pop-rock mega-band Toto, has worked out acclaimed jazz-rock chops over the years. Teaming with the dazzlingly talented Babko, bassist Dave Carpenter and the blistering dual-horn attack of trumpeter Walt Fowler and saxophonist Brandon Fields, Phillips serves up a sound that reveres the masters of '50s and '60s jazz, with the crisp bite of modern production. From the sweet, blithely swinging horn-based feel of "New Blooded," to the wicked film noir sounds of "Miles Away," spotlighting Carpenter's mysterious bass and squinched mute horns, the quintet's sound is vintage-bracing and potent-but with a spacious instrument placement that deposits listeners directly in the club, ringside. The solos stretch, romp and wail, with Fowler's scorching trumpet powering the soulful "Vantage Point," and Phillips offering a huge drum intro to the hard bop of "Bewilderment," for example. A live hyper-fast romp entitled "Spirits of Trane" showcases the band's mind-boggling synchronicity and features some truly inspired sax spirals and squeals that might suggest that actual channeling of these spirits has occurred on this truly transporting effort.

01. Vantage Point
02. New Blooded
03. Bewilderment
04. Miles Away
05. Doubletake
06. Dreamscape
07. One of a Kind
08. Spirits of Trane (Recorded live at Café Cordiale, Sherman Oaks on September 1st, 1999)

Simon Phillips - Drums
Jeff Babko - Piano
Dave Carpenter - Acoustic Bass
Walt Fowler - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Brandon Fields - Sax Tenor, Sax Soprano

NB: Eu não sei se é uma questão de ser outra edição ou serviço mal feito mesmo, mas existe um arquivo deste disco rolando na net com sete - e não oito! -  faixas. No caso, sem "one of a kind". Então, se já tens a sua cópia, é hora de fazer o upgrade.

Se quiseres saber mais sobre Jeff Babko ou baixar mais alguma coisa dele, dê uma olhada AQUI


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