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Rusty Anderson - Until We Meet Again

Rusty Anderson - Until We Meet Again - 2012 -
by Liam Wilkinson from  Northern Sky Music Magazine
Along with his knack for producing some of the most ground-breaking, timeless music of the last half century, one of Paul McCartney's greatest strengths is his aptitude for surrounding himself with good musicians.  Apart from the obvious trio of fellow Beatles and those who comprised the three line-ups of Wings, not to mention such notable artists as Elvis Costello, Stevie Wonder, Tony Bennett and Michael Jackson, Paul has managed to write, record and perform his way through the last five decades with a bunch of top-notch side-men.

Rusty Anderson has been standing with his guitar to the left of Paul since 2001 when he was asked to play on DRIVING RAIN – an often overlooked McCartney album, but one that laid the foundation for the last very successful ten years of Paul's career.  Rusty, along with drummer Abe Laboriel Jr, guitarist Brian Ray and long-time McCartney keyboardist Paul 'Wix' Wickens, has been touring with McCartney ever since and, as recently as December 2011, could be seen providing the lead guitar to some of Paul's best-loved songs live on stage.

Despite the busy schedule imposed by his ex-Beatle boss, Rusty has managed to produce a steady stream of highly melodic, lyrically-strong rock songs; the recordings of which sitting equally as comfortable in the ears as some of Macca's recent gems.  And, thanks to the nice folks at Hypertension, 2012 sees the release of a twelve-track compilation of Rusty's best songs from his two solo albums, Undessing Under Water (2003) and Born on Earth (2009).

Until We Meet Again opens with the brilliant, radio-friendly Hurt Myself – featuring Sir Paul on bass. A pleaser for fans of the title-track of Paul's Driving Rain, Hurt Myself possesses all the hallmarks of the finely-crafted, guitar-driven pop songs of such artists as R.E.M. and Ryan Adams.  As uplifting as Penny Lane (the famous piccolo trumpet replaced, here, with a flugel horn), Hurt Myself is a fitting, upbeat opener for a collection that never seems to wane.


01. Hurt Myself

02. Born On Earth
03. Baggage Claim
04. Where Would We Go?
05. Julia Roberts
06. Electric Trains
07. These Are The Days
08. Devil's Spaceship
09. Catbox Beach
10. Coming Down To Earth
11. Damaged Goods
12. Until We Meet Again 


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