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Denny Laine - Reborn (repost)

Denny Laine - Reborn - 2001

By Joe Viglione, from answers.com

Reborn is a brilliant album by an erratic and often misdirected artist. It is, actually, quite refreshing in its simplicity, with Laine's vocals surprisingly in good shape. In the late '80s and early '90s, the founding member of the Moody Blues who should never have left Wings had little of his great voice left.

He was performing in New England doing covers of previous glories, talking about a musical opera he was writing, and raising a daughter with his girlfriend Helen Grant, daughter of the late Peter Grant, manager of Led Zeppelin. Hearing "Hard Labor" on this disc definitely shows the rebirth the title track acknowledges. The voice is more flawed here than on other tracks, but it works, like a drunken Steve Marriott might sound today had he lived, raspy and sincere. Brian Hines, in his Denny Laine persona, crams choruses he was so good at creating into compact little tunes with great melodies. "Misty Mountain" is a good example - this pop tune dives right into that sound Laine helped establish.What a shame he didn't come up with songs like this when Paul McCartney generously gave him room to express himself on Wings albums. 


01. In Time

02. Reborn
03. Rollin' Tide
04. Nightwalker
05. Hard Labour
06. Misty Mountain
07. Fanfare
08. Within Walls
09. Eternal Quest
10. Phoenix


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