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Robby Krieger - Robby Krieger (repost)

Robby Krieger - Robby Krieger - 1985

by William Ruhlmann from AMG
For his self-titled 1985 album, former Doors guitarist Robby (or Robbie) Krieger posed on the front cover in the company of three fellow musicians and even printed their names there, such that you might say the title was "Robby Krieger with Arthur Barrow, Bruce Gary, and Don Preston." Two of  those musicians, former Mothers of Invention keyboard player Preston and bass player Barrow, also figured in the songwriting credits, adding to the sense  that, whatever name was out front, this album was a band effort. And so it came across, each musician getting solos in the often complex jazz-rock fusion arrangements.

Krieger may have been the first among equals, but these original tunes were given band arrangements in which everyone got his say. Running close to 15 minutes, the closing track, Barrow and Krieger's "Noisuf," was the most outside in jazz terms, essentially serving as a showcase for the explorations of the various musicians, which even included Krieger's quote from "My Sharona." But that only made it the most extended of the spacy instrumentals that made up the record. Krieger's fans from the Doors might have been less comfortable with the results than Preston's from the Mothers, but the album was a typical fusion effort.

01. Bag Lady
02. Reggae Funk
03. Bass Line Street
04. Costa Brava
05. Noisuf


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