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Dave Lewis - The Godfather Of Northwest Rock & The King Of Seattle R&B (repost)

Dave Lewis - The Godfather Of Northwest Rock & The King Of Seattle R&B - 2006

from wikipedia
David Eugene "Dave" Lewis (1938 – March 13, 1998) was an African American rock and rhythm & blues (R&B) keyboardist, organist and vocalist based in Seattle, Washington, USA. Peter Blecha accounts his Dave Lewis Combo as "Seattle's first significant African American 1950s rock and roll band" and Lewis himself as "the singularly most significant figure on the Pacific Northwest's nascent rhythm & blues scene in the 1950s and 1960s. Read more HERE

In the 1960`s and 1970`s, Dave Lewis was a major star in the Northwest, with hits such as "David`s Mood" and "Little Green Thing" that featured his tasty, funky Hammond B3 organ playing. He was signed to A & M Records, released several albums, and was a sure-fire draw in clubs. This is the first CD release containing the Jerden Masters recorded in the studio as well as live performances. 24 tracks that constitute the definitive Dave Lewis. 

01. David`s Mood
02. That`s What We`re Here For
03. Feel Alright
04. Little Green Thing
05. J.A.J.
06. Lip Service
07. Last Train
08. #1 Hit
09. Dave`s Fifth Avenue
10. Tear Out
11. Little Joe
12. Dave`s Other Mood
13. The swim Thing
14. No Name #1
15. Hold On, I`m Coming
16. High Heel Sneakers
17. Mr. Clyde
18. Three Dots
19. Philly Dog
20. Jack Daniels Green
21. Two Chords of Soul
22. No Name #3
23. House of the Rising Sun
24. Something You Got



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