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Python Lee Jackson Featuring Rod Stewart - Funny Blend (repost)

Python Lee Jackson Featuring Rod Stewart - Funny Blend - 1968

Python Lee Jackson was an indistinguished Australian band from Sidney, founded by an Englishman Frank Kennington (vocals) and Scotsman Mick Liber (guitar) which managed to annoy local (Aussie's) scene from 1965 and until 1968 - when the band moved to UK, to be joined by David Montgomery on drums. Before that they've released a single - Bo Diddley "Who Do You Love".

In the UK the band was noticed by John Peel, who as you should know had a weekness for weirdos and nobodys. Frank Kennington by that time was replaced by David Bentley, whose composing was much better than his vocals. But he had decency and brains: "Python" recruited Rod Stewart to record three songs (Stewart by that time had two excellent albums with Jeff Beck Group, and his unusual voice could match the music) - "Doin' Fine", "The Blues" and "In A Broken Dream". The tracks were recorded at famous Pye Studios in London, 1969, but were shelved for more than a year, and the single was released in 1970 only. It flopped - to resurface two years later and climb to Nr 3 in UK Singles Chart.

In A Broken Dream is an amazing album and the band was never able to repeat its success, and went to obscurity. The title song was a massive success, and appears on a couple of Rod Stewart's collections.

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01. If It's Meant To Be A Party
02. If The World Stopped Still Tonight
03. The Blues
04. Sweet Consolation
05. Boogie Woogie Joe
06. In A Broken Dream

07. Second Time Around The Wheel
08. Your Wily Ways
09. Doing Fine (Cloud Nine)
10. Turn The Music Down


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