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Bobby Whitlock - Its About Time

Bobby Whitlock - Its About Time - 2000

From his days with Eric Clapton in Derek & the Dominoes, through his excellent session work and solo albums, Bobby Whitlock's talent has continued to spread itself across the canvas of rock & roll in shades of blue and other bright colors. With It's About Time, the colors blend into one of Whitlock's most intriguing creations yet.

Beginning with the hauntingly beautiful "There She Goes," Whitlock adds subtle nuances to the canvas, one on top of the other, until his creation has been completed. And what a creation it is, highlighted by spirited re-recordings of a couple of tunes co-written with Clapton -- "Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad" and "Bell Bottom Blues" -- and backed up with great new songs like the lovely "Standing in the Rain" and the rocking "Born to Sing the Blues." The musicians Whitlock brings to the project, including Steve Cropper, Jim Horn, and Buddy Miller, are another reason for the album's undeniable energy. "Sold Me Down the River" rocks with a Little Feat-ish vibe and features dead-on background vocals from Ashley Whitlock, while "It's Only Midnite" is filled with soul and passion. "Ghost Driver" is a haunting story of one man's final, high-speed ride through the night. "I Love You," a plea for loved ones to express their feelings for each other before it's too late, caps off this fine set from a musician we haven't heard enough from in recent years. 

01. There She Goes
02. Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad?
03. It's About Time
04. A Wing and a Prayer
05. Sold Me Down the River
06. It's Only Midnite
07. Standin' in the Rain
08. Born to Sing the Blues
09. High on You
10. Bell Bottom Blues
11. Ghost Driver
12. I Love You

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