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Henry McCullough Blues Band - Belfast to Boston (repost)

Henry McCullough Blues Band - Belfast to Boston - 2001 

Henry McCullough (born 21 July 1943) is a guitarist, who has played guitar in such bands as Spooky Tooth, Paul McCartney's Wings, and The Grease Band. Born in Portstewart, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, Henry McCullough is a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, and is the only Irishman to play the Woodstock Festival (backing Joe Cocker). He turns up in many different places as sideman or a performer in his own right. READ MORE HERE

01. Old Black Coat
02. You Can't Do That
03. Hi Ya Folks
04. Down In The Amusement
05. Sick And Tired
06. Murder In My Heart
07. Mess Of Blues
08. I Can't Help Falling In Love
09. Belfast To Boston

Henry McCollough - Vocals, Guitar
Krzysztof Zawadzki - Drums
Zbigniew Szularz -Guitar
Tomasz Grabowy - Bass


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