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PSP - PSP Live (repost)

PSP - PSP Live - 2009

Philippe Saisse - Keyboards
Simon Phillips - Drums
Pino Palladino - Bass 

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Phillips and Palladino recently joined forces on Saisse’s CD “At World’s Edge. It was that collaboration, which sparked the idea of incarnating the trio into a full-fledged working unit.

“I’ve always had such tremendous respect and admiration for Simon and Pino as musicians, so playing with them in this trio is a dream come true for me,” admitted Saisse. “We discovered that we have an incredible synergy, and really compliment each other as live musicians,” added Phillips.

The trio will also continue to pursue their solo endeavors as well. Phillips has all ready completed tours featuring his own band in Japan, Indonesia, and Europe earlier this year, and is working on his own solo record. Palladino, who did recent tours with The Who and The John Mayer Trio, continues to work with Mayer on various projects, and the Welsh born bassist, remains to be one of the most sought after session players in the UK.

British born Phillips moved to Los Angeles in 1992 and set up his Phantom Recording Studios in San Fernando Valley. French born Saisse last year moved to Los Angeles after an 18-year stint living in New York, and now shares space at Phillip’s studio complex.

The international rooted ensemble intends to make PSP stick, “We realized after our live gigs together, that what we’re doing musically feels pretty special, “ attests Palladino, “so we’re committed and excited about seeing how far we can take it.”

01. Mancala
02. What Wong With You
03. Monday Afternoon
04. Blue Rondo A La Turk
05. Keyboard Improv #1
06. Masques
07. Drumesque
08. Roppongi Blues


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