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VA -Yesterday And Today - A 50th Anniversary Tribute To Yes

VA -Yesterday And Today - A 50th Anniversary Tribute To Yes - 2018

Fifty years is a long time for anything. It seems an especially long time for a band to exist…and particularly one that always set out to push boundaries and create music that wouldn’t necessarily appeal to the pop music buying masses. …And yet, here we are: prog rock legends Yes celebrated their half century in 2018. Granted, they’ve had an ever evolving, less than stable line up – no fewer than nineteen members have passed through the official ranks of Yes since their inception in 1968, and at the end of 2018, none of the band members are the true founders – but there is still a Yes. Detractors be damned.


01. MACHINE MESSIAH (Featuring Nick D’Virgilio & Geoff Downes)
02. YOURS IS NO DISGRACE (Featuring Marisol Koss & Tony Kaye)
03. TURN OF THE CENTURY (Featuring Sally Minnear)
04. SWEETNESS (Featuring Pat Sansone)
05. SOON (Featuring Curved Air)
06. CINEMA (Featuring Steve Hackett)
07. CHANGES (Featuring Robert Berry)
08. I’M RUNNING (Featuring Robin Schell & Marco Minnemann)
09. ACOUSTIC MEDLEY: (Featuring Jon Davison)
   ii) AND YOU AND I
10. YESTERDAY AND TODAY (Featuring Dr. Danny)
11. LONG DISTANCE RUNAROUND (Featuring Leslie Hunt)
12. THE FISH (Featuring Billy Sherwood)
13. STARSHIP TROOPER (Featuring Francis Dunnery)
14. Trifecta (Featuring Billy Sherwood & Dave Kerzner) - Bonus Track
15. The Architect II (featuring Fernando Perdomo & OTS) - BonusTrack
16. Yesterday And Today (Promo Album Sampler) - Bonus Track

Dave Kerzner - Keyboards
Billy Sherwood - Guitar, Bass
Fernando Perdomo, Vic Kingsley - Guitar
Roger Houdaille - Bass
Derek Cintron - Drums


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