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Chad Allan and the Reflections - Early Roots

Chad Allan and the Reflections - Early Roots - 2016

Before American Woman and These Eyes; Chad Allan, Randy Bachman and friends were Chad Allan and the Reflections ! The Early Roots of The Guess Who. This is a must listen to for garage music fans and fans of early fun Rock and Roll! Recorded live in 1962 with the energy of early Rock and Roll spilling out from the stage. Its a " Dance On Party" loaded with hits of the day. This release also includes recordings from a session at Kay Bank Studios in Minneapolis from the same year and sees the first digital release of the singles. The birth of one of Canada's greatest groups!

01. Tribute to Buddy Holly
02. Back and Forth
03. I Didn't Have the Heart
04. 36-24-36 (Live)
05. When You're in Love (Live)
06. Walk Don't Run (Live)
07. Got a Funny Feeling (Live)
08. Hey Baby! (Live)
09. Bumble Boogie (Live)
10. Dance On (Live)
11. Ruby Baby (Live)
12. Out on a Limb (Live)
13. Now's the Time to Fall in Love (Live)
14. Wild Weekend (Live)
15. Stand up and Say That (Live)
16. Tough Enough (Live)
17. Nut Rocker (Live)
18. Raining in My Heart (Live)
19. (Dance with The) Guitar Man [Live]
20. Wonderful Land (Live)
21. Back and Forth (Live)
22. Quartermasters Stores (Live)
23. Ruby Ann (Live)
24. Kinda Cool (Live)
25. (I Love You) More Than I Can Say [Live]
26. Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On (Live)


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