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CBA (Char, Bogert, Appice) - Live In Japan

CBA (Char, Bogert, Appice) - Live In Japan - 2000

Tim Bogert has a long history with Carmine Appice, being part of Vanilla Fudge, Cactus and BBA (Beck, Bogert, Appice) together. Char Hisato Takenaka is known as one of the top guitarists in Japan. His producing, performing and song writing skills have strongly influenced many musicians. Char himself sings over 70% of his songs in English, and you won't believe that those great sounds are coming from a musician in Japan.

In December, 1999, CBA performed eight shows in Japan, and recorded a show live - CBA Live In Japan, for Polydor Records. They played 4 nights in Tokyo with the last gig at the BUDOKON on Christmas Day.

Carmine Appice writes: "Good to be back and moving on to Char tour (CBA)... Tim & I are listening to material... We are recordng live 3-4 times with Polydor records... there will be two live TV broadcasts.... and radio broadcasts... so things are Rocking!"

01. Evil
02. Parchman Farm
03. Satisfied
04. Lady
05. Eleven Years
06. Rosalee
07. Share The Wonder
08. Drive Me Nuts
09. Why Aren´t You Ready
10. Happy Birthday To You / 11. Future Child

Char (Hisato Takenaka) - Guitar, Vocal
Tim Bogert - Bass, Vocal
Carmine Appice - Drums, Vocal


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rockfan disse...

Hi, Thanks a lot for this album, I've been looking for it for years. It is possible any more albums by Char? Thanks a lot for your great blog.

Only Good Song disse...

I think have 1 or 2 more albums. I will check and let you know

rockfan disse...

Thank you, that would be really great. I haven't been able to find any album by him, only many videos on YouTube. Great player.

Anônimo disse...

CBA (Char, Bogert, Appice) - Live In Japan - link is dead