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Dean Parrish and Carmine Appice - Northern Soul - I'm on My Way

Dean Parrish and Carmine Appice - Northern Soul - I'm on My Way - 2015

Legendary drummer Carmine Appice and New York 60's hitmaker, vocalist Dean Parrish, have reunited after 50 years to record a new 7-song EP of 60's soul music, commonly known as Northern Soul music, aptly titled Northern Soul - I'm On My Way.

The duo first met when in the early 60's they played opposite of Jimi Hendrix, known at the time as Jimmy James. The band, called The Beeets, played Stax, Motown and Altantic 60's soul. Carmine eventually went on to have major success with the likes of the Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Beck, Bogert & Appice, Rod Stewart and countless other artists, while Dean pursued a solo career and had a number of hits in the UK and US. He did several Murry The K tours and performed on the Dick Clark show and other well know TV programs at the time such as Zachary Channel 11 NYC, and the Clay Cole show. Dean has performed on the same bill as Mitch Ryder, The Capitals and Lou Christie. He has recorded and toured with the likes of Jorge Santana, Paul Weller, Lord Large and the legendary Bob Marley. Dean even recorded 2 Jams with Jimi Hendrix & Eddie Kramer at Juggy  Murray's  studio NYC 1969 with the band the Rosicrucians aka Steeplechase.


01. Love's Whatcha Cooking
02. I'm on My Way (Re-Recorded)
03. Girl
04. Lonely
05. Fever
06. I'm on My Way (Classic Mix)
07. I'm on My Way (Instrumental Version)


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