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Spencer Davis - So Far (re-post)

Spencer Davis -  So Far - 2008

Review By AMG
One of journeyman vocalist/guitarist Spencer Davis’s stronger post-1960’s efforts, SO FAR showcases the soulful Englishman at the top of his game, delivering a diverse batch of rootsy songs backed by a crack touring band. From the New Orleans-ish R&B piano workout of “I Can’t Stand Still” to the folksy Donovan-leanings of “Golden Eagle” and Springsteen-esque straight-up soul party grooves of the title track and “Promises," SO FAR is full of spirited, lean ‘n’ mean performances that are even more impressive considering they come from a guy who in 2008 had been touring and recording non-stop for the better part of five decades.

01. So Far
02. Comin' Home
03. The Viper
04. I Ain't Gonna Go
05. The Mumbles Train
06. I Can't Stand Still
07. Uncle Herman's Mandolin
08. Promises
09. The Golden Eagle
10. Berlin
11. The Swansea Shuffle
12. Mulberry Avenue


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Soulsville disse...

Only one thing Spencer Davis is not an Englishman. He is a Welshman, born in Swansea. There are two clue's in the song titles "Swansea Shuffle" and "The Mumbles Train", the Mumbles is a place near Swansea.