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Arthur Lee and Love - Live In Paris (Re-Post)

Arthur Lee and Love - Live In Paris - 1992

Recorded in Paris at the Theater L'Européen on April 27, 1992, this live album is a testimony of the return of Arthur Lee (Frontman of the legendary Love of Los Angeles in the 60s and 70s) on the front of the stage at the beginning of the 90s.

01. A House is Not a Motel
02. Alone Again
03. Stephanie Knows
04. Orange Skies
05. She Comes in Colours
06. Signed D.C
07. My Little Red Book
08. Seven & Seven is
09. Passing By
10. The Daily Planet
11. Your Mind And We Belong Together
12. Hey Joe

Arthur Lee - Vocals, Guitar
John Head - Guitar (2)
Michael Head - Guitar
Peter Wilkinson - Bass
Ian Templeton - Drums


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