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Lee Harvey Osmond - Live from Latent Lounge

Lee Harvey Osmond - Live from Latent Lounge - 2017

from wikipedia
Lee Harvey Osmond, stylized as LeE HARVeY OsMOND, is a Canadian psychedelic folk project fronted by musician Tom Wilson.

The act first took shape with Wilson in his LeE HARVeY OsMOND persona, backed by Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies and Josh Finlayson of Skydiggers. They wrote, recorded and released the debut album, A Quiet Evil, in 2009 on Latent Recordings. Margo Timmins, Andy Maize and Suzie Vinnick also contributed to the album. The band's current touring configuration consists of Wilson on lead vocals and guitar, Aaron Goldstein on guitar and pedal steel (who also contributed to A Quiet Evil), Cam Malcolm on bass guitar, Brent Titcomb on percussion and vocals and Ray Farrugia on drums.

01. Blue Moon Drive
02. Freedom
03. I’m Going To Stay That Way
04. Cuckoo’s Nest
05. Oh Linda
06. Leave This House
07. I Can’t Stand It
08. Oh The Gods
09. Beautiful Scars


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SiamTwin disse...

Thank you for this.

KDNYfm disse...

Wow...Neat to see some live LHO...been a fan of Tom Wilson since Junkhouse, and little did I know that I used to sell him all his albums way back in the day...