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Char - Live Trad

Char - Live Trad - 2016

Char is considered one of Japan’s most influential guitarists and an elder statesman of the Japanese music scene. Born Hisato Takenaka in 1955, he took up guitar at age 8 after hearing the Ventures and assembled his first band, Fox, at age 11. Regarded as something of a prodigy, he was heavily influenced by the Ventures and the U.K. blues-rock of the Yardbirds, Cream, Free and Led Zeppelin.

Char started his career as a session player and backing guitarist while still in junior high school before forming Smoky Medicine in 1973 at age 17. He moved to the United States when the group disbanded, but returned to Japan and released his debut solo single (“Navy Blue”) and eponymous first solo album (Char) in 1976. A succession of pop-rock hits followed before Char formed seminal Japanese power trio Johnny, Louis & Char in fall 1978.

01. Help
02. Ticket To Ride
03. Crossroads
04. Going Down
05. Your Time Is Gonna Come
06. Sunshine Of Your Love
07. Jumpin' Jack Flash
08. Purple Haze

Char - Guitar, Vocals
Hiroshi Sawada - Bass
Takashi Furuta - Drums


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rockfan disse...

Thanks a lot for the album and for being so kind for attending my petition for any Char albums.

Only Good Song disse...


I have one more. Stay tuned ;)

rockfan disse...

I'll be waiting! Thanks again!