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Derek Miller - Blues - Volume 1

Derek Miller - Blues - Volume 1

Derek takes a break from song writing on this album to pay homage to the Blues greats, and some of his favorite musicians overall.

He has hand-picked legendary tracks to cover such as Boom, Boom, Boom by John Lee Hooker, Hidden Charms by Howl’n Wolf and recorded by Willie Dixon.

Subsequently, Miller joins a rich list of others who have recorded this song such as Can-Con icon Colin James, Elvis Costello and Derek’s muse and musical inspiration Link Wray and the Raymen.

Have no fear Blues purists. Miller does nothing to these classic tracks that you will not like.

Rather than regurgitate a song that’s been learned and rehearsed, Miller owns his renditions. We hear it and feel it as the album progresses.

There is nothing inauthentic here. Derek is simply taking the inherent blood and blues breath inside him to record, for the record, a set of great blues songs for a new generation.

According to Derek, the Blues came to Six Nations through the adoption of the Tuscarora Nation when they brought the slave-based call and response work songs to the Haudenosaunee .

Other Six Nations musicians credit the Ongweoweh people themselves having influence over “Black-based” blues stating the traditional shuffle beat in our social dance songs is the root of the blues rhythm.


01 Hidden Charms
02 Boom Boom
03 I’m Ready
04 Champagne And Reefer
05 Baby, Please Don’t Go
06 Howlin’ For My Darlin’
07 My Babe
08 I Can’t Quit You Baby
09 My Weakness
10 Gimme Back My Wig

Derek Miller – Vocals, Guitars, Percussion
Ritchie Franzen – Bass
Andrew Mackay – Drums
Marty Miller – Back Vocals


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